Dry eyes” should not be overlooked, a dangerous sign of blindness.

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Girls who wear contact lenses regularly You may be familiar with the symptoms of “dry eyes” very well. No matter how good the contact lens brand is How high is the price? Dry eyes can come and go every time you wear contact lenses. But dry eyes don’t only happen to women. Many men may also have dry eye problems. Don’t just rub your eyes and get on with your work. Because it may be too late and require surgery.

Dry eyes" should not be overlooked, a dangerous sign of blindness.

Causes of dry eyes

There are many causes of dry eyes. Some of you may come from genetics that causes dry eyes. The water in the eyes is drier than usual. or may be caused by

  • Degenerative tear glands
  • Hormones in the body are not balanced.
  • Improper wearing of contact lenses Not up to standard Water retention is not enough or wear contact lenses continuously for more than 6-8 hours
  • Have eye allergies It can be caused by dust, smoke, dry, cold outside air, and more.
  • staring at computer and too many smartphones
  • Using certain types of medicine that cause dry eyes as a side effect, such as birth control pills, antihistamines, and antidepressants Certain types of blood pressure lowering drugs,สมัคร ufabet etc.

The dangers of letting your eyes dry for a long time

If you let your eyes dry for a long time, May cause eyelid inflammation. Eyelid pulls Until the eyelashes come down and prick the eyes. When the eyelashes prick your eyes a lot May cause wounds in the eyes. Irritated Until eventually, surgery may be required. Or worse than that? Some people have very dry eyes. It can be severe to the point of blindness as well.

How to protect your eyes from dry eyes

  1. If you feel that your eyes are dry Artificial tears should be added to add moisture to the eyes.
  2. If there is irritation or feel dust entering the eyes The eyes may be cleaned with a special solution for use on the eyes only. to eliminate germs Foreign dirt around the eyes
  3. If you are a person with dry eyes Besides always carrying artificial tears with you. You may compress your eyes with warm water at a temperature of 41-43 degrees Celsius to stimulate the tear glands.
  4. Reduce staring at computer screens, smartphones, and other electronic devices for too long. Rest your eyes for 2-3 minutes every hour.
  5. Choose contact lenses with a high water content (more than 50% is even better). Do not wear contact lenses continuously for more than 6-8 hours per day. And don’t forget to clean. And soak contact lenses in a solution that helps remove protein stains. Also moisturize the lenses.

Because we only have one pair of eyes. Therefore, take good care of it before you regret it later.