7 important things women need to know about varicose veins

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Due to varicose veins It is often ranked last in order of importance. or is often classified as a small problem always belonging to many people Therefore, it is not surprising that this symptom is overlooked. Until it becomes a big problem for physical health. Today we want to invite the girls. Let’s understand and know 7 important things about varicose veins.

7 important things women need to know about varicose veins

1. It can happen to every part of the body.
First of all, girls must know that varicose veins can happen to every part of the https://ufabet999.com body. But it is most commonly found on the legs. Especially those who are overweight. There will be a greater chance of varicose veins occurring. Or even pregnant mothers can develop varicose veins as well.

2. Stand or sit for a long time. The most risky
Standing or sitting for long periods of time is the behavior that is most at risk of causing varicose veins, especially girls who work as teachers, nurses, air hostesses, and security guards. Office workers who have to sit and work in front of a computer for a long time including pregnant mothers 

3. Can be prevented
Varicose veins are a symptom that can be prevented. Such as changing postures frequently, not standing, sitting, or staying in the same position for many hours. As well as exercising regularly. To make muscles strong and can squeeze for better blood circulation or even wearing comfortable clothes Avoid wearing high heels for a long time. They are all ways to help prevent varicose veins as well.

4. There are clear warning signs.
This is because varicose veins have clear warning signs: pain, stiffness, and a heavy feeling in the legs. and had swelling in the lower legs These warning signs can tell girls. I learned that it was varicose veins. Therefore, you should immediately see a doctor. There is no need to wait for symptoms to spread or become severe before going to see a doctor. Because that may make treatment difficult or time consuming.

5. There is a level of severity of symptoms.
Varicose veins have a level of severity of symptoms. Starting with the presence of small capillaries. Including seeing the aneurysm in a twisted, worm-like shape. Have skin color that turns dark brown The skin becomes dry and hard. As well as having inflammation and wounds.

6. Treat according to symptoms and severity.
As for the treatment of varicose veins, Treatment will be done according to symptoms and severity. The doctor will consider it as appropriate. Starting with palliative treatment, injections, laser, and surgery, in order of severity of symptoms.

7. Cannot be cured by applying medicine.
Always remember that varicose veins cannot be cured by applying medicine. Many women misunderstand that applying medicine will help cure varicose veins. However, the treatment for varicose veins must first be diagnosed with a history of disease. As well as doing a physical examination and perform a special type of ultrasound examination for blood vessels In order to evaluate and find hidden causes. This will prevent varicose veins from coming back again after they are healed.

I believe that many people still have misconceptions about varicose veins. Especially when applying medicine or cream externally. And thought that varicose veins could be cured. In fact, treatment for varicose veins must always begin with a thorough diagnosis first. Then proceed with treatment according to the next steps.