What is Block Bet and when should I use it?

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Block Bet Is A Small Bet, About 20-40% Of The Pot From Players Who Do Not Have A Position. The Main Purpose Is To Avoid Big Bets From Positioned Players. When We Check For Opponents

When Should I Use It?

1. There Is No Position At The River.

2. Our Hands Tend To Be Stronger Than Our Opponents.

3. Situations That If We Bet The Size Is Too Big Only Better Hands Will Follow.

4. Situations That If We Check Opponents Tend To Bet Big Size To Put Pressure On Him.

What is Block Bet and when should I use it?

Pair 10 how to play preflop!

Unopened Pot

Race Always! Every Position

In The UFABET Case Of An Open Race

Even 10 Almost Always Has To 3-Bet, Unless The Stack Is Very Deep And Encounters An Early Position Open Race, We May Choose To Call.

In Case Of Hitting 3-Bet

There Are Almost No Folds, Just Calls And 4-Bets In Case You’re Out Of Position, And You’ll Often Encounter Players Who Prefer To 3-Bet When In Position.

In Case Of Hitting 4-Bet 

You Can Call, Unless You Find Yourself In A Situation Where Your Opponent’s 4-Bet Size Is Too Big. In This Situation, Maybe We Can Fold.

13 Tricks All New Poker Players Must Know!

1. Learn The Cards That Should Be Played. Always With A Good Position

2. Start At A Low-Priced Room. To Learn Strategy

3. Find A Game That Is Suitable For Us.

4. Play Tie, But Play Aggressively!

5. Use Your Location To Your Advantage.

6. Start By Focusing On Playing One Table First.

7. Only Play When You’re Ready.

8. Learn About Worthwhile Pot Odds.

9. Always Think About What Cards Your Opponent Holds.

10. Take Time To Think Carefully.

11. Don’t Bluff Too Much.

12. Learn To Squat.

13. Use A Program To Help Analyze