Vinicius reacts in the stadium after an ultra fan hangs his puppet

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Vinicius Jr. Responds to the Ultra Fans with His Performances on the Field A dummy of the Real Madrid forward has been hanged before last night’s derby against Atletico Madrid.

   Vinicius Junior reacted in style to the Atletico Madrid Ultrasafter a dummy of himself was hanged before the game. By going on the field to score a goal, Real Madrid beat Atleti 3-1 in the Copa del Rey quarter-finals. At the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium last night.

Vinicius reacts in the stadium after an ultra fan hangs his puppet

           The city of Madrid will witness one of the most intense moments of the football season. When Real Madrid face rivals Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey. Will not be exaggerated For many years the rivalry between the two was fierce and fierce . Real Madrid , the most historic and successful club in football. Both in Spain and in Europe, Atletico Madrid is Madrid’s closest rival in recent times. Able to win many league and cup championships. And now they are back in power again in football making the Madrid Derby. Raised again when it comes to the level of aggression both on and off the field.

           Unfortunately, the intense feeling of love, the thirst for victory and hatred fused into one. It is not strange that the fans and players will do different things too much on derby day. And that’s exactly what preceded the tournament that many have been waiting for. Many people have seen this scary scene before the Madrid derby. Images posted on Twitter show a replica of Vinicius Jr being hanged from a bridge . Accompanied by a red and white banner of Atletico Madrid. The Athletic reports on the banner: Madrid hates Real although this cannot be confirmed. But the color of the banner and its association with the game suggests. Atletico fans are responsible for the incident.  

  Atlético Madrid and La Liga have issued a statement condemning the hateful act and intimidation against Vinicius, urging an investigation into the facts and finding responsible persons, and calling for a “resolution of harassment”. The most severe criminal penalties This wasn’t the first time Vinicius had been the target of an attack. The 22-year-old has previously been the target of racist abuse by supporters on at least three occasions , at Camp Nou against Barcelona in November 2021, and Atletico in September 2022. Fans chanted “Vinicius is a monkey” off the pitch, including at the Valladolid game in late December 2022. Police launched an investigation into this possible crime of hate. After they removed the sign and the mannequin early Thursday morning,

          He hopes Spanish authorities will punish them for the hate crimes. A spokesman for Real Madrid’s Brazil forward said: “Vinicius Junior is aware of the situation. But he is completely focused on tonight’s game ′′ He will discuss this issue with the club and the legal authorities tomorrow. But his position remained the same. He expects punishment from the authorities. It’s not just an official statement.”

          Prosecutors in Madrid decided not to indict the racist charges directed at Vinicius in September. After finding out that such actions It “lasts a few seconds” and is not a crime. in december Vinicius accused La Liga of doing nothing about the racist abuse of fans at the match. after social video Media shows fans Yelling, cursing and throwing things at him during a match in Valladolid.

         Pele, Neymar and other Brazilian dignitaries Leaped to the defense of Vinicius in September 2022 after a host of a Spanish football program criticized the striker. He said Vinicius celebrated the goal out of respect for his opponent. by comparing his behavior with monkeys In a two-minute video at the time, Vinicius Jr. issued a statement in response to what he called an “extremism”. He described it as “xenophobic and racist”, saying that he “ will never stop dancing” and that “the joy of a black Brazilian succeeding in Europe might bother many”.

         For football results Copa del Rey, Spain, this game appears. First half Atletico Madrid Got a 1-0 lead from Alvaro Morata in the second half in the 79th minute, Real Madrid followed a 1-1 draw from Rodrigo, ending 90 minutes with a 1-1 draw. special time In the 99th minute, Atletico were down to 10 men when Stefan Savic, who had previously had a yellow card, fouled Eduardo Camavinga,  resulting in a second yellow card. A red card was sent off the field. Then, in the 104th minute, Real Madrid with more players came to take a 2-1 lead from Karim Benzema and in the 120th minute + 1 Real Madrid led 3-1 from Vinicius. JuniorAfter 120 minutes, Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid 3-1 to reach the semi-finals.