Tournament Mindset 4 must-have items!

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1. Focus On Bankroll Management And Choose The Right Take Shot At The Right Time.

Because Playing Tournaments Has Very High Volatility. Capital Management Before Coming Into Play Is Therefore The Most Important.

2. Learn To Control Your Temper And Anger.

How Often Do You Play Tournaments And Go Deep? But Had To Be Eliminated Because Of Bad Beat It Will Easily Upset You. The Best Thing To Do Is Deal With It With Understanding.

3.Take Note For A Lot Of Time To Learn New Things.

General Players, When Learning New Things, Tend To Sit And Listen Passively. Then Think That You Understand Which Is Horribly Wrong The Best Way To Learn Is To Learn By Engaging With It.

4. Take Some Time Off For Yourself.

Regular Players Tend To Think Of Playing Tournaments. Should Play As Much As Possible To Reduce Volatility, But Not At All. You Should Only Play When You’re Ready. And Find Time To Relax

What is Block Bet and when should I use it?

3 tricks to play when you hold KK in your hand

1. When In Position Make Bets To Add Value To The Pot Every Time. 

This Includes Raises And 3-Bets To Make The Pot Size Bigger.
Don’t Try To Slow-Play Needlessly.

2. Analyze Slower When You Flop

Turned Out To Be The Card Zone Below. And It’s Also A Connectd Card And I’m Talking About A Flop That Turns Out To Be 7♠ 6♥ 4♣ Or 6♥ 5♥ 4♠.

These Boards Tend To Favor Those Who Call In Preflop, They May Have A Better Hand Right After The
Flop Has Turned Like This.
The Technique Of Controlling The Size Of The Pot Is A Good Strategy. You Should Practice This Strategy Because If You
Bet Or Call At Every Showdown If The UFABET Card You Want Doesn’t Come, It Will Make Your Decision To Play More Difficult. And Giving You The Opportunity To Waste Money Unreasonably.

3. Play The Flop With Caution In The Multiway Pot.

Your Overpair Has Quite An Advantage In Multiway Pots!
But The Equity Drop From Flop To Turn Is Significantly Higher When Three Or More Players Are Involved.
Also In This Port And It Will Only Get Worse After That. After Three Or More Players See The Cards On The
Turn After Betting On Your Flop. This Is A Bit Noisy Because Having A Lot Of Players In The Pot Gives Your Opponent A Chance To Overtake With A Weak Hand. Bigger So Having Him Call After Might Mean They Have A Bigger Hand Than Playing In The Heads-Up Pot.