Lamps frustrated Toffees lack of success before sacking

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Frank Lampard makes his first move Since being kicked out of the Everton coaching chair by posting a thank you to everyone at the club, but secretly disappointed that he did not lead the team to more success Receiving with pride, leading the Toffees to survive relegation

Unemployed manager Frank Lampard Came out to post a message via Instagram for the first time. After being released by Everton. Admitting that he was disappointed that he could not lead the team to be more successful. meanwhile He was always proud. That helped the local team of Goodison Park escape from relegation last season was successful.

Frank Lampard

44-year-old trainer takes blue toffee Win the last match. The opening game beat Crystal Palace 3-0 on Saturday, October 22, last year. Then could not collect three points in the league again, with 2 draws, 6 losses, ranked 19th in the table with 15 points, equal to South. Hampton final But the door was better. Resulting in him having to fall off the chair.

Recently, the former Chelsea boss posted a message with a picture of him celebrating with candy fans, stating. Coming to Everton last year. I know we are in difficult times. And I’m always proud of the incredible performance and support from everyone involved to keep the UFABET team in the Premier League last season. Thank you to everyone who participated in the time the whole club came together. I will never forget the incredible nights we had with Palace together.” 

Lampard also said he was disappointed that he could not lead the team to more success together. And wishing the players and everyone at Everton the best for the future. As well as thanking all football fans for the hospitality they have given them, their teams and their families. It is a truly special club with a big heart. and has an amazing history

It was reported that former Leeds United coach Marcelo Bielsa traveled to negotiate with The team of local Merseyside. And after becoming the number one target to take over the team instead of Lampard, if the person agrees to accept the job, he will have to face 2 hard games immediately when preparing to open the house to receive a visit to Arsenal, the leader in the crowd. Saturday, February 4, and visit Anfield to do a derby match with Liverpool on Monday, February