Grading Liverpool players in the UEFA Europa League game, attacking Sparta Prague 1-5 : Player Ratings

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The Reds were in poor form but sharper, easily defeating Sparta Prague 1-5 in the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 first leg last night.

Grading Liverpool players in the UEFA Europa League game, attacking Sparta Prague 1-5 : Player Ratings

Liverpool player ratings

Queen Kelleher – 9
Had to make several saves to help the team. Each goal was a one-time shot, and the only goal lost in this game was a teammate’s own goal.

Ibrahima Konate – 5
Today he seems to be a target for Sparta Prague’s forwards, with many missteps evident. Hit by the mobility of the home offensive line. Before having injury problems and being substituted early in the second half

Jarell Quansah – 6
The first period seemed to have problems matching with Konate. There were missed passes and poor marking until the team almost lost a goal. The second half paired with Van Dijk looked better.

Andy Robertson – 6
tried to add up high but it turned out to be constantly out of position, being hit hard by Presido, the host’s flanker, who played hard with a clear difference in speed.

Joe Gomez – 6
, coming in as a right-back with Invertz playing the role of helping in the middle. Today it was considered difficult in the first half as they had trouble dealing with long balls thrown across the home team’s defenders.

Alexis McAllister – 8
outstanding performances in the middle of the pitch. Goes well with the ball. Easy to play but gets the point. A penalty was called before the ball came to score the first goal. He also set up a beautiful ball for Darwin to score three goals at the end of the first half.

Wataru Endo – 7
controls the tempo of the game in midfield. Participated in the offensive game. But the defense faced a difficult task in the beginning as he often had to step back and overlap with the defenders.

Harvey Elliott – 7,
helping connect the ball in the upper half. before moving up to stand higher in the second half Contributed to two goals and two assists for Nuñez in the first half and Diaz in the second.

Cody Gakpo – 6
tried to find his own finishing moments, which today had a lot of moments, but made all the mistakes. He also seemed to play forcefully until he lost the ball several times.

Darwin Nuñez – 8
There were several chances to score in this game. Turned the opportunity into two beautiful goals in the first half. Before being substituted at the beginning of the second half

Luis Diaz – 7
tries to move the ball forward. Used his unique abilities to control the ball well, scoring 1 goal from the moment the shot ricocheted off the defender and the ball changed its direction.


Corner Bradley (in place of Gomez, 46th) – 6
down and immediately managed to score an own goal. Today’s role in the game is quite small.

Virgil van Dijk (replaces Konate, 50) – 7
came on and made a clear difference for the defense. Where one-on-one duels work well Stand in the correct position.

Dominic Soboszlai (replacing Nuñez, 51) – 7,
helping shape the attacking game. There were some nice passing moments before he was the one to score the 5th goal for the team towards the end.

Bobby Clarke (replacing McAllister 65) – 6
adds freshness to the midfield and helps chase the ball up top.

Mo Salah (in place of Diaz, 74) – 6
came down to knock out the rust, almost scored a goal but was caught offside first.