3 things to think about when hit by an opponent

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1. What Is Our Range?

When Your Opponent Bets On You You Have To Think About What Cards Your Opponent Thinks You Hold. Strong Enough To Restore Bluff Or Not?

2. What Is The Opponent’s Range?

You Must Guess That When The Opponent Takes Action What Position Is He? How Tight Or Loose Is He? Will His Cards Be About This Board?

3.Pot Odds, Do We Have Enough?

When You’re Going For An Action Call Or Race, You Always Have To Figure Out How. What You Did Will It Deliver Worthwhile Returns In The Long Run? Because Poker Is A Long-Term UFABET Game.

3 things to think about when hit by an opponent

7. How to Crush a Nit Player!

1. Narrow Open Races, Because If Nit Does 3bet, We Will Have To Fold More Often.

2. Fold More For 3bet Because Nit 3bet Definitely Means A Strong Hand.

3. Squat More When In The BB Position.

4. Making 3Bet More Narrow Cards In Order To Have Enough Strong Cards To Collide With Nit

5. Make 4bet Cards More Narrowly Because If Nit 3bet Comes, It Will Definitely Be Big.

6. Squat More When Nit C-Bets Because He Should Be Really Big!

7. Check-Fold More When Nit Bets On The Flop Turn River.