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Monthly Archives: September 2023

When is it "not" appropriate to take a shower?

When is it “not” appropriate to take a shower?

The hotter the weather The more we want to live in a cool place. But if you’ve been sweating all day There is probably nothing that makes us feel as refreshed as taking a shower. But there are times when we may have to wait even though it is

Why are we often "thirsty" in the summer?

Why are we often “thirsty” in the summer?

Thirsty in the summer Because “water” is an important component of the body. It is a component of blood and gastric juice. Normally our body loses about 10 cups or 2.5 liters of water through sweat. Breath and excretion In addition to water, the body also loses mineral

7 things you shouldn't do after eating

7 things you shouldn’t do after eating

Change your behavior after eating to stay healthy and avoid disease with the following 7 methods. 1. Don’t smoke. From the results of the experts’ experiments, it was found that smoking after meals Comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes normally (increases the chance of getting cancer) If you smoke normally, you already